Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So Lost is officially the shit again, if you haven't been following along. The new season started last Wednesday to the tune of 20 millions viewers. Tonight's episode was sick. So sick that I suggest you start watching this season if you have watched Lost before. And if you haven't, I suggest you catch up as fast as humanly possible (I have seasons 1-3 to lend if you want).

I want to mention some things about tonight's episode. If you haven't watched it yet, don't read on. There will be some spoilers.

Here are my top 3 moments of the episode, followed by some stream of consciousness thoughts:

1) When Richard admonishes the young British soldier revealing him to be Charles Whitmore

- so Whitmore is an Other?!? What the FUCK?? This is why Locke couldn't shoot at him, because he can't change the future. But Whitmore did kill that other soldier dude. Maybe that was Charlotte's father? Maybe that is why she looks like she's going to die, because she is getting erased (BtotheF style?). Now this totally connects Whitmore to Ben (and Richard). Now what happened with Ben and Whitmore? Where was the falling out? Does Whitmore remember the un-Oceanic 6 (Sawyer, Juliet, Locke, Miles, Charlotte, Faraday) from his island days? Is this why he funds Faraday's research?

2) When Desmond hears from the braindead lady's sister that Whitmore funded Faraday

- damn I feel sorry for Desmond. He just cannot escape his in-law. This guy is everywhere for him. Took some balls for him to walk into his office like that. Ultimately, Whitmore cannot hate the dude. He knows he is making his daughter happy. But now they are going to LA. And didn't Ben promise to kill Penny? Uh-oh.

3) When Faraday makes the little I'm-in-love-with-Charlotte speech

- Yes, a little cheesy, but I still liked it. Especially when the Lost violin music plays. Nice to see that happening for someone other that Jack-Kate-Sawyer. Which brings me to my next point:

Honorable mention: This was the first episode in a long time that did not have Jack, Kate or Ben. A welcome respite, I think. Plus, I like Desmond episodes. And I am beginning to like this little time traveling that the un-Oceanic 6 is partaking in. Although it is a tad-far fetched, what isn't on this magical little island?

Another thing to think about: so Locke tells Richard at the end of the episode to go to his hometown 2 years from 1954 in order to prove to him that he is actually being born. My question is purely procedural, from a time traveling point of view - how does Richard do this intially if not for Locke's statement to him in 1954? What I mean is, doesn't the whole process become circular. Richard sees Locke born, Locke grows up, goes back in time, tell Richard to go see him being born, Richard sees Locke born... and so on and so forth. When does the initial seeing of Locke being born take place IF NOT for Locke traveling back to tell Richard to do this??

Oh man, so much to take back from this episode. Looking forward to next week.


José said...

Why do you keep referring to them as the "un"-Oceanic 6?

getlowe said...

I just put the first handful of seasons on my Netflix queue. I don't know, though. I kinda feel like it's a daunting task. Like I'm taking on the whale penis.