Monday, November 26, 2007

The Mist

"Mackin phone rings, Stephen King trauma down at Danzine
My mood swings, suplexed off the rope, magazine..." - DC

I just got back from watching Stephen King's "The Mist" and honestly, I really don't know what to think. It is rare when a movie leaves me like this. Usually, I'm pretty satisfied. I like the whole movie-going experience, so even if a movie sucks, I still am satisfied. I've only walked out of one movie ever and that was Sister Act 2 and only because Street Fighter was calling my name outside the theater.

Anyway, back to The Mist. I don't know, it had all the makings of something I would really love that most others would not. There were some really great parts, some drawn out parts. The ending is really fucking with me though.

*Sigh* Yes, I just electronically sighed. Hence the stars around the word "sigh." Anyway, if you see it, let me know what you think.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

American Gangster, Revisited

"The gangster is not defined by how many rocks are in your watch, but more, how many rocks you move while on your watch..."

After having Jay-Z's "American Gangster" on constant repeat in my car for the past 2 weeks, I have developed my share of favorite phrases/lyrics/verses. Here they are in no particular order:

"Fast forward, freeze frame on my pistol, fistful of dollars
Ignorance is so blissful..." - Pray

"But your use-to's has-beens
Ragging bad 'bout all the new dudes
Talking tough on the Youtube
Bout what you use to do
But that's old school to the new crew
They doin' numbers like Sudoku..." - Fallin'

"I missed the part when it stopped bein 'bout Imus
What do my lyrics got to do with this shit!
"Scarface" the movie did more than Scarface the rapper to me
So that ain't to blame for all the shit that's happened to me
Are you sayin what I'm spittin
Is worse than these celebrataunts showin they kittin, you kiddin!
Let's stop the bullshittin
'Til we all without sin, let's quit the pulpittin..." - Ignorant Shit

"You're now in a game where only time can tell
Survive the droughts, I wish you well - hold up
Survive the droughts? I wish you well?
How sick am I? I wish you health
I wish you wheels, I wish you wealth
I wish you insight so you could see for yourself...' - American Dreamin

"This is not for commercial usage
Please don't categorize this as music
Please don't compare me to other rappers
Compare me to trappers, I'm more Frank Lucas than Ludacris
And Luda's my dude, I ain't trying to diss
Like Frank Lucas is cool, but I ain't trying to snitch..." - No Hook
"And if Al Sharpton is speakin for me
Somebody, give him the word and tell him I don't approve
Tell him I remove the curses
If you tell me our schools gon' be perfect
When Jena Six don't exist
Tell him that's when I'll stop sayin bitch, BEEEITCH~!..." - Say Hello

"They say its celestial, its all in the stars
Like Tony LaRussa on how you play your Cards..." - American Dreamin

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The 'Quil Diet

"Face full of fear, conquerin your ice grill,
Tragedies, put him to sleep like Nyquil..." - MD

It's almost like the right of passage into the cold season. As the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and, of course, Dmitry gets sicker. It always happens around the end of Octobor, beginning of November and it only adds to the darkness. Thankfully, there is a remedy; none other than...

The DayQuil/NyQuil Diet.

Someone wise once said: "A treated cold will last a week. Left untreated, it will last seven days." Maybe so. But what a wonderful treatment it is! It just covers up your symptoms, so your body can pretend like all is right. But it is not. Inside you are groggy, pissed off, and in a general malaise. Oh yea, and it doesn't help if you have to yell at middle school kids all day long.

Next time you feel it creep up on you, try the 'Quil Diet. You won't 'queel a thing!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stage Fright

"I need to take a piss but I'm still scared to get up,
Please lord protect those up in this air with us..." - WM

I believe the first time was at a Mets game back in early high school. I was waiting in line and I really had to go. So many people around me. I got to the front, unleashed my beast and then...


I focused some more, repositioned my mission, and then...


Little did I know that I was experiencing what is known in male circles as Stage Fright. I ended up fake finishing up, and going to a stall to do my duty as the little girl that I was.

Stage Fright sucks. It occurs at highly populated urinal locations all across the country. It is all mental. I feel that people are waiting for me to finish, and I just can't do it. Instant constipation. Instant embarrassment.

The worst part is that you really have to go and you can't. But I a lways feel that I have to fake like I did go. And then awkwardly make my way into a stall as if I forgot to do something. What the fuck could I forget to do??? Finish urinating?? God it's awful.

Stage Fright affects many pee-ople. Hopefully it doesn't affect you.