Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Great Vids

Fuck Chris Brown:

they couldn't use the real instrumental? or spell rihanna's name right? smh. otherwise, really good.

MJ's "This Is It" footage:

damn he sounds amazing! plus, I am going to pull that move at 0:11 ALL THE TIME IN THE CLUB!! The NEW MJ MOVE, bitches! (keep replaying it..hilarious)

"Turn My Swag On" flipped and reversed:

Look Alikes: Kevin Connolly & Sam Rockwell

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Maybe Kanye Had A Point... decide.


A Quarter Is Worth More Than 25 Cents

I think about random things (surprise). This is one of them. Think about this:

Would you pay two dimes and six pennies for a quarter? How about two dimes, a nickel and three pennies? How about 3 dimes?

While you're thinking "why the fuck did I go to this blog?", I'm answering a definitive YES!

If you have ever had a laundry machine in your building that only takes hundreds of quarters, OR, if you drive in the city and park in front of meters, than you are totally agreeing with me. It's so simple it's beautiful: quarters are worth MORE than their stated value!

Monday, September 14, 2009


It's fucking cold out. I don't like when it is like this. Not one bit. This is right at the time when I start developing the sniffles. I HATE THE SNIFFLES!! I hate waking up and sneezing like 6 times. Even though I know that a sneeze is 1/6th of an orgasm (look it up), it doesn't mathematically add up to a morning nut.

Come to think of it, this summer's weather has sucked. June was the rainiest month in the history of mankind (look it up). They should have filmed a fucking rain disaster movie. It could've been called "Rain of Terror."

July wasn't much better. Lots of clouds. And then August was the same, and then the cold hit you in the nuts September 1st. Ugh. On top of all that, SAD is coming. Oh yes, Seasonal Affective Disorder i.e. the Greatest Acronym of All Time. What dickhead came up with that?? Probably the same one who put an "s" in lisp. He probably tried to call AIDS GAYDS back in the early 80s but that didn't pan out.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week One? A Weak Loss.

Ugh. What a horrid way to start my fantasy football season. After a dismal finish last year (my first year of participation ever), I came into this season with high(er) expectations. By the accounts of many of my peers my draft went well. My starting O looked like this:

QB - Ryan
RB- Slaton
RB- Forte
WR- Houshmandezah
WR- Boldin
W/R- Driver
TE- Miller
K- Akers

Not bad, right?

Well it was bad... real bad today. The line on them looked like this:

(hasn't played yet, like it really matters)

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
Slaton shat the bed. Forte fucked up. Boldin bitched out. Houshmendshahajjskjh.. whatever.

I am very dissapointed. Like EXTREMELY upset. So what better way to cope than to self-depricate. Let's do it!:

1) My fucking kicker had more points than the #4 (Forte) and #15 (Slaton) running backs in the league... COMBINED!!

2) My Mr. Irrelevent (Devery Henderson), who of course was on the bench, had more points than my 3 starting wide receivers... AND 2 starting running backs... COMBINED!!

3) I actually took some time debating whether to start Moss or Boldin because Boldin was questionable. Well thank god I started Boldin. +1 fantasy points for me!!

4) Even if I started my OPTIMAL lineup, I still would have lost by 20+ points!!

5) Tomorrow is a battle for last place. So far I am 2nd to last in terms of total points in the league.. but I have one guy going, while the other loser has 3 guys going, including TO. Looks like I'm going to be the one taking home the trophy.

I actually feel... just really fucking tired. Maybe if I go to sleep I'll gain 54 points and be tied with my opponent at 114.

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 - 8 years later...

It's here again. The day that annually brings up a mixture of sadness, sickness and reflection. It's been 8 years since that day which is in itself unbelievable (time flys!). I always take 9/11 to think back on where I was when it all went down. But I also develop new thoughts as time goes by. Here are my more recent ones:

-It's been 8 years. Why the hell hasn't anything been built yet? I really think that is a disgrace and it greatly upsets me.

-I dabbed a good amount in investigating 9/11 conspiracy theories. Does that make me the Democratic equivalent of a Republican "birther?"

-I don't think terrosism is as big an issue as it has been made out to be. Obviously not taking anything away from 9/11 and its tragedy, but I think that if the terror threat was really as severe as people say then there would be a lot more instances of terrorism. Think about how easy it would be to take a bomb onto a train or a bus! Yes the planes are protected heavily, but Amtrak never scans bags; the MTA never scans bags. It seems like the US only implements security measures after the fact - like taking off your damn shoes in the airport.

-We are still fighting two wars because of 9/11. Has it all been worth it? Have all the lives we've lost been worth it? Are we really safer than before?