Sunday, April 27, 2008


Some guy on the net uses Photoshop to create "human" versions of beloved cartoon characters. It's pretty cool. Here's what he's done so far:

Mario______________ Homer________ Jessica Rabbit

Conclusions?: Mario looks like a pederast, Homer is the realest looking based on skin texture, and I would definitely still fuck Jessica Rabbit.

Impulse Buyer

I am prone to "impulse purchases," you know, those things you buy during the last 5 minutes you're in the store, just because you have the urge to do it and without any rational thought. I've bought David Blaine's autobiography "Fearless," a Busta Rhymes greatest hits album, to name a few, as well as countless food items that end up in the garbage.

Now I have a potential impulse purchase I think I may want to make. I guess it will not be impulsive, but the irrationality behind it makes it so.

I think I want GTA IV. (That's Grand Theft Auto Four to put it in layman's terms).

Here's the thing though... it is not available for Nintendo Wii, the only system I have. That means that in order to get GTAIV, I would have to buy either an XBox 360 or a Playstation 3.


Buying a whole new system just for one game seems and is very stupid. I guess I need to leave the decision to my impulses.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are You Happy Victoria?

So I just posted three blogs in a row. And honestly, it was due to a comment a friend of mine on the blog post before these.

I, as well as my fellow bloggers linked to the left, take some time off from blogging. We're all busy, but I think for me, I just fall into a habit of un-creativity. And truthfully, I don't like that. My job can be very mindless sometimes because the stress of it makes me very tired and unwilling to create very creative lesson plans and such.

I remember in high school and college, I would mess around with music and video editing that produced things like this and that. Now though, I don't have time to do that. So this is my creative outlet, and not my preferred one, although still very good.

I don't talk much about myself or my personal life on this site because I prefer opinions and commentary over biography, and plus because there is way more creativity possible in the former. I just need to make sure I am consistently creating. And that's were my blogger readers come in ... ;)

I Want to McLovin This Club

Heard about the Make Love In This Club/Polow The Don/Garageband controversy? No? Well here's an update:

Excuse the drawn out BS of the video. That kid is retarded. Or "Ed" as my kids would say. As in "Special" not "Mr." Anyway, unless those sound effects were planted, its safe to say that Polow jacked some stuff. Honestly, it brings down my appreciation of the song just a tad. And I think it is a great and catchy song. But Garageband? C'mon! It just makes me want Garageband. And I don't like Macs. I hate on Macs. Why? Here's one reason.

But in reality, it was just a good idea by Polow. Like all good ideas, it was simple. I can't hate on that.

Trailer Tuesdays III

I am very excited for the following movie. Mainly because it is based on the last book I read. And whenever I read I book, I feel very accomplished.


As stated before, this movie is based on the novel by Jose Saramago. If you haven't read it, I suggest you do. It's very good. This movie is also directed by the same guy who directed "City of God." Double bonus.

So Seeing It.