Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

A tad late, I know, but I was away boozin and cruisin. Before I make 2009 predictions, let's take a look back at my '08 version. Here are my predictions from 1/1/08:

- Bloomberg will enter the race in March but won't win. Obama-Edwards vs. Romney-Giuliani in the finals. The former will take it in November.
MIXED: Well, I was right about the main event, not so much about anything leading up to it :/

-Patriots will not win the Superbowl, failing to even reach it. 16-0* goes down the drain.
CORRECT!: Again though, a tad mixed. They did lose the Superbowl, although they reached it.
-Bonds will be charged and will have to serve time. His records will be erased. Many more names will come out from the scandal.
FALSE: Eh, wishful thinking.

-The Yankees will win the World Series in 6 games against the New York Mets, playing their final game ever in Yankee Stadium.
FALSE: No comment.

-The Knicks will continue to suck and Isiah Thomas' job will continue to be safe. Until the end of the season. When he gets fired. And Dolan puts the team up for sale.
CORRECT!: He was fired! But alas, no team for sale.

-The Beijing Olympics will be surrounded by controversy based on the child-labor grievances present against China. People will boycott.
MIXED: There was controversy, but not so much about the child-labor stuff. What was I thinking?

So, 2008 has come and gone. What does 2009 have to offer. Here we go:

-The economy will continue to flounder and tank until about June when by all accounts, it will start performing better than expected. But a crisis of some sort will throw it right back into the shitter by the end of the summer.

-Georgetown will make it to the Final Four. There they will face UNC and blow them out by 20. They will go on to WIN the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship.

-The Yankees will open their season up in their new stadium and blow everyone out of the water. CC will finish 18-4 with a 2.58 ERA, Burnett will go 15-9 with a 3.98 ERA, M-Tex will bat .338 with 48 homers, the Yankees will finish with a 102-60 record, the AL East crown AND a World Series Championship!

-Obama will be able to get much done in office, mostly by way of his post-partisan approach. Four key pieces will be passed with bi-partisan support in '09.

-Eminem and Dr. Dre will release their long awaited albums.

-The Superbowl will be played between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which the Iggles will win 34-21!

Well, that's it. A lot of number but I want to be held accountable for my deep knowledge.

Here's to '09!

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