Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Top 10 Things John McCain Cannot Do

10. Play on monkey bars

9. Answer questions in my classroom

8. Rope a horse

7. Shoot a free throw

6. Eiffel Tower

5. High Five (only medium or low)

4. Jumping jacks

3. Raise the roof

2. Reach across the aisle

1. Win this election

Sunday, October 26, 2008


These commercial jingles have really been killing me recently. Specifically, there are two that I hear all the time that annoy the shit out of me.

1) Five Dollar Foot Long

Clever campaign by Subway, but just so damn annoying. Plus, leaves so much room open for inappropriate innuendos. I heard one of my kids singing it to herself while doing work. That's when you know the jingle has really penetrated pop culture.

2) Saved by Zero

Just plain annoying by Toyota. Mostly because this one really gets in my head, also because I have seen this commercial probably 7 times to day while watching football on CBS. Make that 8 times. ARGGHHH.

What jingles (present and past) just kill you?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Bringing Out The Worst

Going off of a great post from Victoria, I want you all to check this out:

I mean, in the words of the aforementioned blogger, WHHHHATTT???

This election is bringing out the worst in some Americans. And it's not McCain's fault, it's the fault of his racist supporters. Not all of them, but definitely these in the video. Palin's got in her the holy spirit, Obama is anti-white, like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? People think racism is dead or its so much better than before and then you see something like this. And these people are so dumb they would share their racist views with a camera. Think of all those who share these views but would never say them out loud.

Obama's potential presidency has showed us that we have come a long way in our history. But think, could it have happened anytime else then on the heels of the worst 8 years ever and during the biggest financial crisis ever? Is that what it takes to elect a non-white male to the highest office? True, it's not like many non-whites run for president, but still. Many will say that if Obama is elected, that's it, the blacks got what they wanted, not they can stop complaining and screaming "racism." But that is just not true. These people in the video showed that we are a LOOONG way from true tolerance, true acceptance, and true intelligence.

As an aside, weird to have a white guy reporting for Al-Jazeera. I guess those are my stereotypes acting up.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Come Up With A Caption For This...!!

[EDIT: I found a much better one!]

When It Rains It Pours

OK so this did not happen to my car last week to yesterday, but it sure felt like it. I start with last week.

Thursday - I take my car to get it's annual inspection and an oil change. The guy informs me I need my two front tires changed. I'm skeptical at first, but find that the front two are in fact very worn out, the left one being down to the metal wiring of the tire. I get pretty paranoid that my tire will blowout and I will die. I then change my plans for the weekend to drive my car to my parents place and take my dads car for the 4 hour drive.

Saturday - I wake up at 7am and proceed down to my car. As I walk up to it, dreary eyed, I notice a hole in my roof. Let me repeat that: I walk up to my car and see a FUCKING ripped hole in the passenger side of the front. Some asshole took a knife and sliced through my roof. He then proceeded to go through my napkins apparently, might have taken my aviators, some pens, and THATS IT. He missed the EZPass in my glove compartment, my quarters, CDs, iphone charger. I mean, thank God he missed them, but cutting through my roof for that?? WHAT THE FUCK!!!

Tuesday - I am coming home from dinner with my taped roof and I get stopped at a po-po checkpoint. I am informed that because my front headlight is out, I will be getting a summons which requires me to immediately to get it changed in order not to pay the fine. He then takes 20 minutes to fill out 10 lines of basic information. Maybe cops are not the brightest spots in the gene pool? Fuck the police.

Today - I GOT IN THE ZONE! AUTOZONE! I took my car to Autozone to get a new headlight. Some dude who shadily worked there checked out my car and I turned on my lights for him and all of them worked! So he played around for a bit and decided it was a short circuit issue. I decided to pay him 20 bucks for the info which I know regret because I think I totally unjewed him (i.e. paid him way too much). Afterwards I took my car to the 42nd precinct in the Bronx and got a cop to fill out a form saying my headlight was OK. Later, it went out again.

Monday, October 13, 2008

What The F*ck Is Up?

What the hell is going on in the stock market? One day it's down 700 points, next day its up 900 points. The Dow is like a bipolar girlfriend. She gives all of these mixed signals and what are we supposed to think??

Whats the public supposed to think now. Is everything OK now that the Dow is back up? Obviously not but this huge jump today makes me think stuff isn't that bad. It probably is and I have no clue. We'll have to wait til tomorrow.