Friday, January 9, 2009

Why Is The World On Tim Tebow's Dick?

Let me start off by saying that I do not like missionaries. Not one damn bit. Now I know they do all this amazing work with poor people in third world countries, but I hate the fact that they impose their religious beliefs on disadvantaged people. If you want to do good in this world, then do it for the sake of the person, not because you want to convert them to Christianity in the long run.

That and missionaries freak me out. They all look brainwashed and they got this freak twinkle in their eye. I guess you can call that faith but I call it craziness. Tim Tebow has that twinkle. Oh yea, and he also has eye black with verses on them. As such:

I mean c'mon! Anyway, the whole world seems to be on it's knees licking the Tebow-ne steak. Articles like this and like this serve to piss me off. Plus, this came out of nowhere. Like maybe 1.5 weeks ago the world got infected with this virus and its all I heard about. I don't like to constantly hear about one thing. Especially something like this.

I probably would have liked him a lot more if he didn't write "John 3:16" or "Dickface 2:34" under his eyes every game.

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