Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Ain't Trickin If You Got It

So I've come across this phrase that I have heard a ton recently and I had no clue what it meant. Hopefully this won't be like my previous encounter with unknown jargon which all my readers seemed to know already.

So I first heard the phrase on Lil Wayne's "A Milli":
"And it ain't trickin if you got it,
But you like a bitch with no ass, you ain't got shit"

Then again on Weezy's "Got Money":
"Bitch ain't shit but a hoe and a trick
But you know it ain't trickin if you got it"

Then again on T-Pain's "Believe It":
"I can put you in the log cabin, somewhere in aspen
Girl ain't nothing to the pain aint trickin if you got it what you askin....for "

And then again on T.I.'s "Whatever You Like":
"Hundred K deposits, vacations hit the tropics
Cause errbody know it ain't trickin if ya got it
Ya need to never ever gotta go to yo wallet
Long as I got rubberband banks in my pocket "

So of course I kept thinking about what that meant. Finally googled and found the following:

"Trickin is when a dude gives ridiculous amounts of money and gifts to women to try and gain their affection. Tricks spend their last dime and run up all their credit cards on women. You usually call a guy a "trick" in a demeaning way... A lot of dudes, when they're being cocky or want to express how wealthy they are, will say it's not really trickin if you have more than enough money to do it."

Then I went, ooooooooooooooh.

But it is kind of a double standard. So you can only pay for girls stuff if you have the money to do it, and if you don't you're "trickin"? You both have the same goal in mind. Man, if that's true, then I have been a trick my whole life! It would be, "it is trickin cause I don't got it!"

Anyway, what do you think, is it actually not trickin if you got it?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Game

Why does The Game name-drop ALL THE TIME in his songs? This is always a question I had and it's very annoying.
In his most recent song, "My Life" with Lil Wayne, he name dropped 12 different people!!! (Kurt Cobain, Biggie, Kanye (twice!), Beenie Sigel, John Lennon, Erick Sermon, Jesse Jackson, Mary J Blige, Common, Chris Paul, Don Imus, Suge Knight).
In his first single ever, "Westside Story," he name drops 9 people, including Dre 3 times.
In "One Blood" he name drops another 8 people.
On "Hate It Or Love It" he shares the rapping with 50, so only gets to name drop 5 people.
And I'm only talking about actual people he name-drops, not the cars or clothes or neighborhoods or gangs that are ever-present in his music. Sheesh.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Look Alikes: Korean Airlines Logo and Pepsi Logo

Back From Vacay

Aww, isn't that cute?
So I'm back from my blogging vacation and, consequently, my summer vacation. Tomorrow (later today) marks the end of my 1.5 months of worthlessness. I guess I am a little excited to get back to work, but I know I won't be in a week or two.
Let's see, in other news:

-Michael Phelps won 8 golds on the Olympics that started on 8-8-08. Kind of weird. I watched none of his victories. He's pretty ugly for the best Olympian ever. And now we have to see his face all the time.

-The Yankees have really really sucked ass recently. I will be very upset if they don't make the playoffs. Ugh.

-Very happy about gas going down in the past month. It's almost under 4 dollars. I guess we shouldn't have drilled, huh McLame?

-Both "Step Brothers" and "Pineapple Express" are hilarious. I think I am going to go see Tropic Thunder, even given my reservations. I can't believe the outrage over the movie isn't about Downey, Jr. in blackface, but about the profane making fun of mentally disabled retards (Ha! Thought I was going the politically correct route, huh?). I admit, knowing that is what kind of makes me want to see it.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

#100!, or, Happy Birthday To Me!

Today marks the one year birthday of this here blog and this post marks my 100th time spitting you the truth. I started this little diddy called or "D to th'AT" exactly one year ago. I guess it's time for a little reflection.

I really have enjoyed using this site as my creative outlet. It's cool to see how my posts progressed (or some may say regressed..ahem..Vicky..ahem) since that first one. I had my dips in posting as all bloggers do but I always came back strong afterwards.

I want to give a couple of shout-outs. First of all to my immediate blogging family of Chris, Jose, Vicky and Vinson. Some of you post often and some of you don't post at all and one of you is in the middle, but nonetheless I keep your sites shortcutted on my Firefox browser and visit them almost everday.
Shout out to my other (regular?) readers - Patterson, Eleanore, Andrew M., Natalie. If I haven't mentioned your name it's because I don't know if you read or not because you leave me NO COMMENTS. Which, by the way, I would like more of. if. possible.

So, one year down, 100 blog posts down, how many to go? I don't really know. But as long as someone keeps reading, I'll keep blogging.


Yellow Cab Drivers

A big problem I have been having recently is the attitude I have been getting from yellow can drivers for using my credit card to pay for the fare. I mean, c'mon, wtf?? The service is there for a reason and frankly, I don't want to pay in cash all the time. I hate that they have to make some snide comment whenever I choose to use it. All it does is encourage me to not tip them, which makes them even more mad.