Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Ciroc!

"Come fly with me..!"

With these words starts the new entrant for the most-common-and-most-annoying commercial competition of the last couple of months. First it was Toyota's "Saved by Zero" ad. Then and shortly thereafter came Subway's "Five dollar footlong" commercial. And now, it's Diddy's Ciroc Ultra Premium vodka commercial.

This shit runs so god damn often! Like ALL THE TIME. I don't get it. NO ONE IS GOING TO BUY IT! There are too many good vodkas out there. Grey Goose. Stoli. Russian Standard. Kettel One. What, are you going to be at a bar and get yourself a vodka cranberry and make a special request for Ciroc? No!

The other thing is, it sounds like it should be a Jay-Z-made vodka. Mainly because when you say it you sound like a french guy shouting out Rocafella. It's Ci Roc!

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