Monday, February 2, 2009

People/Things I Hate

1) People that don't take off plastic protection covers from electronics

I never got this and it annoys me to no end. You just purchase a new electrical product, let's say an iphone or whatever else, and it's got a plastic sticky thing on it, obviously meant to be taken off after purchase. But you don't take it off. Why? Why don't you? Hey.. I know why! It's because you're retarded. Yes, you are mentally deficient for doing that and for that, I hate you.

2) People who ride Brett Favre's dick

Listen, I have a newsflash for all y'all: BRETT FAVRE SUCKS! Yes, he is not good. Not good at all. Let's think about why? Hmm...maybe it's because for every 1.5 touchdowns he throws, he throws 1 interception. Let me think, is that good? MMMM.... NO! So then why do you think he is so good?!? Why? I know why, because you're retarded. And, I hate you.

3) That the New Yorker cover does not correspond to a cover story

Man, I've caught myself so many times standing next to a magazine stand ruffling through the New Yorker and for the life of me not understanding why I can't find the cover story. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?! Very annoying. Whoever thought of that... I hate you.

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getlowe said...

I leave the plastic on some things. There's still a bit of it left on the back of my phone. I see what you mean, though. I feel the same way about people who leave the "Dior" or "100% Cashmere" stickers on their sunglasses or clothing.