Thursday, August 23, 2007

They Get It

"I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man... so let me handle my business, damn..." - SC

They get it. Hip hop is a business.

Last night at Screamfest '07 at MSG, T.I. brought out Jay-Z, then Kanye, and then 50 and Diddy ended up stopping by as well. Those 5 represent probably the 5 richest, most successful hip hop acts of this century. All on stage. Together. At once.

Has our generation seen anything like this in hip hop??

Hell no. It's always been beef this, beef that. We grew up East Coast-West Coast, then Jay-Nas, then 50-everyone. But this is unprecedented.

What's great about all of this too is the 9/11 showdown between 50 and 'Ye, which just goes to show you how smart those two are. It's all business. There's no beef, they just know that if they throw some friendly competition out there, both their record sales will go up. Shit, I am probably going to buy one copy of Curtis, and two of Graduation (just to fuck 50 but I still want to listen to his).

I guess that's the catch in response to C.R. Myself's question. 50 isn't going to quit anytime soon. But that statement he made definitely is going to bring out his faithful. And Kanye realizes it and is in control in his own way, thus bringing out his faithful.

Shit... King of the South, King of NY, Keeper of the Old King of NY, Self-Proclaimed King of NY AND the King of All Egos...

Shit... 4 of the top 7 hottest MCs in the game... the top 3 Hip Hop Cash Kings according to Forbes, not to mention the 5 out of the top 12...

Shit... all at once???... you bet (watch Curtis running around the stage when Kan comes on.. hilarious).

This is exactly what hip hop has needed. You can't tell me nothin... It's business time.

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Anonymous said...

Haha.. nice way you put up the text! .. And btw.. I'LL BUY 3 COPIES OF FIFTY'S AND 0 OF KANYES!"! Just to fuck you