Monday, August 27, 2007

The Best Remixes Ever, Part II

"This is the remix/ Kells Ush & T, flossing hard in the club, we about to triple up..." - RK

Same Girl (Remix) - R. Kelly ft. T-Pain, Usher [2007]

Call me ballsy for putting a song that came out in the past two months on my Best Remixes Ever list, but I just had to.
When I first heard Same Girl (Remix)I kind of tuned out in the middle of T-Pain's verse, then I tuned out even more when Kelly was singing and I eventually turned it off before the end.

Big Mistake.

R. Kelly delivers what I believe to be his best work since the Ignition series. More on that later. T-Pain actually ripped it after I kept listening and listening. First, he inquires:

"Do she got a crib (YEP)/ By the waffle house(YEP)/
Did she show you that thing that she be doing with her mouth (MAN)"

Then he proclaims:

"She know to cock them legs back/ The greatest sex in your life (YEP)/
Yeah i know cuz she's my wife"

Wait a minute. Hold up. Dawg.
So I'll admit it, however corny it is, I like the concept of the original song. Obvious inconsistencies with the video story aside, I like the concept of this remix. T-Pain was obviously there from the start, listening in, figured out it was his wifey, then decided to join in on the convo. Beautiful.
Oh yea, and he's mad:

"I can't believe this Bitch/ I can't believe this Shit/
Everything i ever did for her i'm taking it back, i'm so thru with it/
Yeah Yeah Yeeaahh Yeah/ I took time out of my life to have these niggas fuck my wife..."

Boy, that does kind of suck. So, I keep listening. What will R. Kelly retort with? What will be his explanation?

"Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up/ Wait a minute, wait a minute/
Just wait one god doggone minute/ You can't do the remix without putting some "R" in it ..."

Um, what?

Either I just got plunged into some meta-physical world R. Kelly has created in which his character somehow knows that some other-worldly entity has created this love triangle and is now continuing the story by providing a remix or...

He just decided mid-song that he's done with the whole we-fucked-the-same-girl concept.
Or did he? :

"She's my shawty my tenderonni/ My booty call when i'm horny/
I am Bobby this is Whitney when we getting HIIIIGGGHHH/
Spent that money played that game/ Got good brains she made it rain/
She's my limp and i'm her cane/ Shoot we talking bout the same..."

So he finished out his verse with a pun only I think I would appreciate: "So back up T or its gon' cause you some pain."
And then it seems like its all over. Oh man, no, it is so not.

He proceeds to "flip it", change up the beat, ignition style, and he totally rips it in the most hilarious, audacious, awesome type of way:

"Now can i flip it, Now can i flip it/You can flip it, You can flip it/
Snap ya fingers, Snap ya fingers, Snap ya fingers, Snap ya fingers..."
"Im in the club with a drink in my hand/Stunting hard looking like about a hundred grand/
Ready to spend it all/ So shawty take it off/Just call the club with jiggas and n**gas ready to ball/
Think out by the bar /Live with her in my car/
Hit it with my stunnas on like a rock star/
I know yall think im crazy/Kells gon wild B-I-ITCH/
This is just a free style..."

So now Kells is freestyling on his songs?? He seriously must be on some shit after this one. And just to make this an absolutely CLASSIC remix, he decides to imitate another genius (and alleged kid-toucher), the G.O.A.T. - Michael Jackson:

"now usually i dont do this but uh, i'ma go head on and do it
come on snap your fingers with me michael jackson style...

Snap ya fingas do ya step yo can do it all by yo self/
Snap ya fingas do ya step yo can do it all by yo self"

Amazing. 5 stars. R. Kelly, you can always "flip it" for me.