Wednesday, May 28, 2008


My students come up with the darnest things! Slang flows freely in my classroom, and I of course am privy to the latest of jargonic trends.

So the newest thing is to say "pause" after anything uttered that may be deemed by any one listener as un-heterosexual. As in, "Damn Mr. Terekhov, this is haaard!! Pause." Or, "Mr. Terekhov, Antonio keeps poking me with his pencil!! Pause."

You can consider this to be the equivalent to the Caucasion's use of "That's what she said," or the bastard child of the ever popular "No homo." Nevertheless, it does provide me with a lot of mental laughter.

Laughter that is deep in nature and extended in length. Pause.


Victoria said...

Dmitry, "pause" isn't 'new.' Keep up, man.

DAT said...

well thats just embarassing

Miz said...

yeah. they said pause when we were kids.

And you should center your pictures.

José said...

Pause is definitely not new. Why don't you try writing about "that's a loss" or giving "gills". That might redeem this wack post.

P.S. Tsk tsk. Typos.