Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fire Hydrants

Let's get something straight here: fire hydrants are completely outdated. I mean, how long have we had them for? Wikipedia says since the late 1800s. Here's my issue: I hate the rules regarding hydrants, and, specifically, the fact that you can't park in front of them. The complete worse is when you've been looking for a parking spot for like 25 minutes and repeatedly keep getting your hopes up by seeing these vast open spaces only to realize in a few seconds that it's a hydrant. I mean, our telephone/cellphone technology has skyrocketed even in the past 10 years, and yet fire hydrants have remained the same for 100 years.
Can't we get them somehow underground, or away from the curb, like maybe out in the middle of the road but flat like a sewer? Why do sooooo many parking spots need to be taken up by this thing. I have an area near my place where two hydrants are separated by about 200 feet. Is that really needed??

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Victoria said...

Exactly! Fine, have them. You want to stay in the 17th century, I can't tell you anything. But 6 of them on one street? I guess I'll look like the dummy the day there are six fires on the same block. Til then...