Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So... good night for Barack, huh? I'm happy that he finally came through with what looks like the deciding victory. I loved his speech versus hers last night. He seemed more general-election focused while she seemed conciliatory.

Here is something I want and have been wanting to mention though. I am SO tired of Hillary supporters and many political pundits arguing that she is a better pick because she has won the "battleground states" such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and "Florida." Florida (and Michigan) aside because that argument is pointless... I don't understand how we can equate Hillary winning those states against a Democratic candidate with her winning them versus a Republican one in November. Am I alone here??? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! These primaries she has won have been ALL with DEMOCRATIC voters!!! What battleground are we talking about?? If a Democratic voter is truly such then why wouldn't they vote for a Democratic candidate in November, no matter what?

Help me out here if I am way off!


Victoria said...

Well if she somehow gets the nomination, I'll be honest and say that I don't think I'd be able to vote for her. I'm sure there are Hillary supporters that feel the same way. Probably not as many though. Since she's a horrible cunt.

DAT said...

wow. amazing end to your comment.