Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Awesome Stewie Quote

Stewie: Hey Dylan? Hey, come on in here for a sec.

Dylan: Stewie, why are you nude?

Stewie: Oh just a little something I do once a week around here called a "naked tea party." Got my teacup here, now all I need is a tea bag. That something that interests you my friend?

Dylan: You're weird.

Stewie: Yeah, and you're attractive. Now take your f***ing pants off!

Dylan: I'm outta here.

Stewie: Huh, did you see that Rupert? "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds" starring Stewie Griffin huh? Gee whiz.


Victoria said...

Hahaha...this is funny. This show surprises me with how funny it is every time I watch it. You know they're coming out with "The Cleveland Show?" Not sure how much I'm gonna enjoy that, though.

bizmarkie507 said...

funniest family guy moment IMO.

Anonymous said...

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