Monday, May 5, 2008

Over Under

Let's just get something straight right here, right now: installing toilet paper so that it rolls over the top is the RIGHT way to do it and installing it so that it rolls under is the WRONG way to do it. Period. End of story. I HATE going to the bathroom, one of my last places of refuge left and then realizing that some dolt (not mentioning any names like that of the person I share a living space with, rhyming with matalie) left me something that looks like the picture on the right. I mean, why does this happen? Can anyone explain it to me? Reaching underneath the roll is uncomfortable and just unnatural. It's inhumane. It's savage. And yet, I see it done time and time again.

I'm sure I'll have some Repundercan readers out there. I, however, am proud to be a Demovercrat.

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