Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jury Duty

As I write I am sitting in the jury assembly room in the Bronx county hall of justice. Yes, that's right, jury duty! Many people fear getting called for jury duty due to its burdening qualities. Not I! This gives me an official day off from my annoying middle schoolers with the potential for more to come. Plus, I've always thought of serving on a jury to be kind of a cool and interesting thing to do. I got called two times before, last June and then December but had to postpone both times, first for my lateness and then bc of school. So today has been a long time coming. Let's hope its worth the wait!

UPDATE (8:53am): The sign, actually all four of them, clearly say "cell phone usage is not permitted in this room." And yet, who do I hear loudly jabbering away but a f--king Russian!! This is always what happens. They have no regard for rules and regulations. Same thing happens when a plane lands and the fasten seatbelt light is still on. Who gets up before it goes off?? You guessed it, some Russian asshole. God theyre disgusting.

UPDATE (11:49am): Haven't been called yet, been sitting around dozing/reading online articles/listening to music. I admit it is kind of boring BUT MUCH better than being at work. Much. Better. The clerk calls peoples names every 20 minutes or so. Its like a draft or a lottery or getting chosen for a team. Either way you feel kind of sad if you're not called :( So far though in the last name competition its "Vargas" and "Rodriguez" ahead a combined 58 to 0 over "Terekhov."

UPDATE (3:56pm): So got out of the Duty at half-past three. Did not get called AT ALL. It's kind if disappointing. But... I get to try again tomorrow :)


Miz said...

aren't you Russian?

Miz said...

You're about as Russian as some ketchup and Mayo.

Victoria said...

Hahaha...that last name thing is funny. And so true.

Wouldn't it be funny if one of your students happened upon your blog one day, say maybe Precious, and read all the lovely things you have to say about them?

DAT said...

that won't happen. snitches get stiches

Victoria said...