Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

<-- New Year, new approach: no more rap quotes to start, it keeps me back from posting because I have to go to google every time to find a quote that has to do with my entry, and that's annoying and not really worth it I don't think -->

Happy New Year to all!

2008 - damn! Remember 1998? And looking back on 1988 and thinking that was a long time ago. Like watching "The Big 80s" on VH1 and thinking that the 80s were you're parents shit. Well now 1998 is like that, although it really does not seem that long ago. McGuire and Sosa. Clinton and Lewinsky. Russia's economy in the shitter. In 8th grade. Shit, I teach 8th grade now. Wow.

Anyway, predictions:

- Bloomberg will enter the race in March but won't win. Obama-Edwards vs. Romney-Giuliani in the finals. The former will take it in November.

-Patriots will not win the Superbowl, failing to even reach it. 16-0* goes down the drain.

-Bonds will be charged and will have to serve time. His records will be erased. Many more names will come out from the scandal.

-The Yankees will win the World Series in 6 games against the New York Mets, playing their final game ever in Yankee Stadium.

-The Knicks will continue to suck and Isiah Thomas' job will continue to be safe. Until the end of the season. When he gets fired. And Dolan puts the team up for sale.

-The Beijing Olympics will be surrounded by controversy based on the child-labor grievances present against China. People will boycott.

Well that's about it folks. Raise your glasses - I wish you all happiness, health and hot sex on a platter!

To 2008!

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J said...

I'm actually with you on pretty much all of those predictions.