Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina, c'mon and raise (race?) up!

Race and politics. Race and the 2008 election. Race and Obama/Clinton. Heavy stuff.

I don't want to get too serious, because I can, but why is it that today, every time I went to, I get as the main picture a black person voting? Why is the media shoving this in our face so much?

This is a touchy subject, race always is, but c'mon now. I know Obama is black (although his mom is white so he is mixed although I heard that is an offensive word), and the black vote is important in South Carolina, but don't you think this is too much?

Politics and serving people should not be about race, nor gender, nor any other social construct. If elected, Obama will serve all people, not just white people, or black people. Obviously it would be naive and stupid for me to say that we should all be colorblind and accept people for who they are, although that is what we should do but we're a long way off, but I find this election/primary season turning in to something that it should not be about.

Yes, South Carolina is comprised of a voting block of which the black vote will count for about fifty percent but that should not be the main issue of focus. I don't know, maybe I am way off. What do you think?


Miz said...

it's tough to serve ALL people really.

Victoria said...

I agree. I'm really hoping he has another win soon so that people can stop attributing his SC victory to his race. Interesting and worth noting, he won 55% of the total vote (twice as many votes as any other candidate), 57% of voters who had never participated in a primary, and 68% of voters who had never voted at all. I think that's more than his Blackness speaking.

Miz said...

Or maybe that's just his blackness speaking extra Loud.

Who knows really? I just thought that was a clever thing to say.