Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I went to DC this past weekend, only really for Saturday night. I ended up eating at Morton's, a steakhouse, with many a friends. The steak there is delish, and when it came time to order the sides, I bitched about getting asparagus. When it came, no one was interested, so I ended up eating all of it.

I'll tell you this, for the next day and a half, my piss smelled like heaven.

Do you like the smell of asparagus piss? I do. To be more specific, I like the smell of MY asparagus piss. There is something about that aroma that really does it for me, no homo, no pedorass. It's like an accomplishment, but a more subtle one compared to the huge-meal-eating-big-shit-stinking kind.

Do I like to eat asparagus because I know my pee will smell dandy? I don't know. I think not but maybe. All I know is that this Morton's asparagus, all seven glorious sticks of it gave me the most wonderful next eleven urination sessions ever.

Asparagushing with joy!


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Victoria said...

How do your clovers smell? I don't think asparagus can help that.

Miz said...

clovers? what's that?

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