Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Seal of Dissaproval

"Bitch, do I look like your type?" - KW

Why is it every time I tune in to the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show I have to see the astonishingly ugly Seal singing and making out with the unbelievably gorgeous goddess Heidi Klum???

Call me a hater, but I don't get it. Yea, he has a good voice and everything, but the face?? The teeth?? That gap!!??

And look at her! She is drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Every single year all girls have the "Aww.. there goes the sweet Seal singing to his beautiful Heidi.. isn't that sweet? :) :) " moment while all the guys have the "What the fuck? How did that guy end up with that girl.. FUCK!" moment.

All this does is relay the FALSE notion that any of us (regular guys) stand a chance with any of them (models). Yes, I understand Seal is a world-renowned singer, but that stock drops through the floor when anyone looks at his face. Even more, that stock is nullified when anyone looks at her face.

Is her stock dropping now because of him? No. HELL NO. Why? Because she is THAT beautiful. She is untouchable. Argh.

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