Sunday, October 26, 2008


These commercial jingles have really been killing me recently. Specifically, there are two that I hear all the time that annoy the shit out of me.

1) Five Dollar Foot Long

Clever campaign by Subway, but just so damn annoying. Plus, leaves so much room open for inappropriate innuendos. I heard one of my kids singing it to herself while doing work. That's when you know the jingle has really penetrated pop culture.

2) Saved by Zero

Just plain annoying by Toyota. Mostly because this one really gets in my head, also because I have seen this commercial probably 7 times to day while watching football on CBS. Make that 8 times. ARGGHHH.

What jingles (present and past) just kill you?

1 comment:

getlowe said...

The Hispanic-themed IO digital cable reggaeton commercials. All of them. And I second the five dollar foot long one. I don't like the way it's kind of cheery until it gets to the "long," where the melody gets all weird and ominous. I feel like they're trying to do something to my psyche with that note. And I don't like it.