Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bringing Out The Worst

Going off of a great post from Victoria, I want you all to check this out:

I mean, in the words of the aforementioned blogger, WHHHHATTT???

This election is bringing out the worst in some Americans. And it's not McCain's fault, it's the fault of his racist supporters. Not all of them, but definitely these in the video. Palin's got in her the holy spirit, Obama is anti-white, like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? People think racism is dead or its so much better than before and then you see something like this. And these people are so dumb they would share their racist views with a camera. Think of all those who share these views but would never say them out loud.

Obama's potential presidency has showed us that we have come a long way in our history. But think, could it have happened anytime else then on the heels of the worst 8 years ever and during the biggest financial crisis ever? Is that what it takes to elect a non-white male to the highest office? True, it's not like many non-whites run for president, but still. Many will say that if Obama is elected, that's it, the blacks got what they wanted, not they can stop complaining and screaming "racism." But that is just not true. These people in the video showed that we are a LOOONG way from true tolerance, true acceptance, and true intelligence.

As an aside, weird to have a white guy reporting for Al-Jazeera. I guess those are my stereotypes acting up.

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getlowe said...

Thanks for the shout out man. Stuff like this is always interesting because you KNOW there are people like this out there. Especially in this country. But then to see them and actually hear the words coming out of their mouths is always mind-boggling. It's like, really? You REALLY think this?

Anyway, I've sworn off all news channels and such until Tuesday. I'm done with all the analytical bullshit, It spikes my blood pressure. I just want to know already.