Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It Ain't Trickin If You Got It

So I've come across this phrase that I have heard a ton recently and I had no clue what it meant. Hopefully this won't be like my previous encounter with unknown jargon which all my readers seemed to know already.

So I first heard the phrase on Lil Wayne's "A Milli":
"And it ain't trickin if you got it,
But you like a bitch with no ass, you ain't got shit"

Then again on Weezy's "Got Money":
"Bitch ain't shit but a hoe and a trick
But you know it ain't trickin if you got it"

Then again on T-Pain's "Believe It":
"I can put you in the log cabin, somewhere in aspen
Girl ain't nothing to the pain aint trickin if you got it what you askin....for "

And then again on T.I.'s "Whatever You Like":
"Hundred K deposits, vacations hit the tropics
Cause errbody know it ain't trickin if ya got it
Ya need to never ever gotta go to yo wallet
Long as I got rubberband banks in my pocket "

So of course I kept thinking about what that meant. Finally googled and found the following:

"Trickin is when a dude gives ridiculous amounts of money and gifts to women to try and gain their affection. Tricks spend their last dime and run up all their credit cards on women. You usually call a guy a "trick" in a demeaning way... A lot of dudes, when they're being cocky or want to express how wealthy they are, will say it's not really trickin if you have more than enough money to do it."

Then I went, ooooooooooooooh.

But it is kind of a double standard. So you can only pay for girls stuff if you have the money to do it, and if you don't you're "trickin"? You both have the same goal in mind. Man, if that's true, then I have been a trick my whole life! It would be, "it is trickin cause I don't got it!"

Anyway, what do you think, is it actually not trickin if you got it?


getlowe said...

I've actually never noticed or heard this term but it's hilarious. I think it's only trickin' if you don't 'got it.' Because the defining thing about tricking is that you're making an ass out of yourself by spending ALL your shit on a chick, as opposed to spending MAD money on a girl but being able to afford it.

Ms. "I thought I knew it all" said...

This is so funny because with every example you stated, I have honestly heard them and had now clue to what it meant. The last time I did hear it was T.I.'s "Whatever you like". I'm usually keen and smart enough to know or to at least figure these things out according to how it's being used, but I couldn't quite make out what it meant. I guess it sort of makes sense now.

José said...

It ain't teachin if you hate it. Just a thought as I get ready for Year 2.

Mele said...

i think gorilla zoe is the first one to say it on his hood nigga.

"watchin out for goldiggers like kanye,but i will play beyonce,or ashantay,maybe kieshia cole,said she should've cheated if she eva come my way, get some head from fantasia on the highway,trickin out majic city every monday,it aint trickin if you got it dats wut i say,U say?i say and wut i say goes "

Anonymous said...

Baby Huey "pop lock and drop it"

Pop lock and drop it get low, aiight!!
It ain't trickin' if you got it, we got it but I ain't givin'
Just bounce it and roll wit it and maybe you roll wit us

Anonymous said...

It IS trickin' if you got it. If you're spending money in order to get with a woman, then you're trickin'. Period. What makes it trickin' is the exchange of money or material items for 'affection'. Say a rapper's records stop selling. If the women stop coming around, then that would indicate that the guy was trickin'.

This is different from a guy who buys his wife an expensive gift. She already has affection for him and he is just doing something nice for her.

DAT said...

wow, lots of comments. thanks to all.

Anonymous said...

ok so "it aint trickin if you got it" means if you dont have money and you spend and spend on a girl/ guy to get them to like you?

Anonymous said...

Trickin is Trickin period. You pay for pussy in any way your a Trick. That sounds like somethin a Pimp told there hoe to say to rich dudes to get more money its hilarious. I hope I dont here Oakland rappers spittin that shit.. Bitches and hoes have are gettin breaded right now... Take ADVANTAGE HAHAHAH

Christina said...

The original song I believe lol

Anonymous said...

You have it all wrong. Tricking is when you try tO act rich to get a girl. He is saying you arent tricking if you in fact are really rich.