Saturday, August 2, 2008

#100!, or, Happy Birthday To Me!

Today marks the one year birthday of this here blog and this post marks my 100th time spitting you the truth. I started this little diddy called or "D to th'AT" exactly one year ago. I guess it's time for a little reflection.

I really have enjoyed using this site as my creative outlet. It's cool to see how my posts progressed (or some may say regressed..ahem..Vicky..ahem) since that first one. I had my dips in posting as all bloggers do but I always came back strong afterwards.

I want to give a couple of shout-outs. First of all to my immediate blogging family of Chris, Jose, Vicky and Vinson. Some of you post often and some of you don't post at all and one of you is in the middle, but nonetheless I keep your sites shortcutted on my Firefox browser and visit them almost everday.
Shout out to my other (regular?) readers - Patterson, Eleanore, Andrew M., Natalie. If I haven't mentioned your name it's because I don't know if you read or not because you leave me NO COMMENTS. Which, by the way, I would like more of. if. possible.

So, one year down, 100 blog posts down, how many to go? I don't really know. But as long as someone keeps reading, I'll keep blogging.



ELEONORE said...

Now that's what I call reader appreciation and thank you for giving me another reason to procrastinate. I'm sure your blog does not contribute in anyway to my poor work habits and foot dragging hahaha.

getlowe said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad that today we cleared up the fact that I'm a more prolific blogger than you. In any case, I always enjoy reading you and a big congrats on your one year down and your 100th post!

Miz said...

it's been 15 days.