Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Game

Why does The Game name-drop ALL THE TIME in his songs? This is always a question I had and it's very annoying.
In his most recent song, "My Life" with Lil Wayne, he name dropped 12 different people!!! (Kurt Cobain, Biggie, Kanye (twice!), Beenie Sigel, John Lennon, Erick Sermon, Jesse Jackson, Mary J Blige, Common, Chris Paul, Don Imus, Suge Knight).
In his first single ever, "Westside Story," he name drops 9 people, including Dre 3 times.
In "One Blood" he name drops another 8 people.
On "Hate It Or Love It" he shares the rapping with 50, so only gets to name drop 5 people.
And I'm only talking about actual people he name-drops, not the cars or clothes or neighborhoods or gangs that are ever-present in his music. Sheesh.


Miz said...

all rappers use pop culture references. I mean, so does most pop culture. But you're right, Game talks way too much about other rappers

getlowe said...

LOL! That's just ridiculous!! What a loser.