Monday, July 14, 2008


A question pose I:

Is leaving your newspaper on the subway littering?

I believe the answer is NO. Here's what I think. If I am leaving my paper on my seat when I leave the subway (which I do often), then I believe someone else will pick it up and read it, thus deriving use from my action.

Personally, I always look for a left newspaper to pass my time on the train, so I assume at least some other people do as well.

What do you think. Is it littering? Or a simple act of kindness?


Miz said...

completely community sharing. I read those newspapers all the time. It's one of the nice things about the NYC subway system.

getlowe said...

I was just reading this sign on the train this morning and thinking the same thing. I see people picking up stray papers all the time. People who haven't had the time to pick up a paper, people wanting to skim through a paper they don't normally read, people in the PM that haven't had time to read it during the day. I'm not sure if people leave them there for this purpose, but I'd like to think so.