Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Rite Aid,

Why do you look like you're always closed in the city? Why don't you have nice big windows like your friends CV or Duane? Nice big windows I can see into to make sure you are, in fact, open for business. Why is it that anytime I pass by you on 165th street I hesitate and have to pull my car up to make sure that I can go in and purchase my regular pharmaceutical-type products? Why is it that when I actually do make it in and make my consumer choice, I have to wait in a long line because there is only one check-out clerk? Even though I see like 5 of your reps giggling and shooting the shit in the back room? Then, on top of that, once I've waited 15 minutes and I get like 3 people behind me, one of your workers comes out and opens the register in time for those 3 people to get in that line? And leave me as the last person in both lines again?
But that's neither here nor there. I guess my main issue is your lack of looking like you are open. Your outside walls look like the grates that store owners pull down when they close their business up for the day/night. There are maybe like 3 narrow windows up high. You look like a fucking prison. Start trying.


Concerned Consumer


ELEONORE said...
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ELEONORE said...

LOL! You've had some rough times at Rite Aid, huh? You should definitely forward this to the corporate office. Make them take notice!