Sunday, September 16, 2007


"She gotta light skinned friend look like Michael Jackson/
Gotta dark skinned friend look like Michael Jackson..." - KW

Posting about Britney and the VMAs made me think back to other memorable VMA performances, but for the right reason. In my mind, this performace in 1995 by the G.O.A.T., Michael Jackson, is the best. The. Best. Ever.

I need you to watch it now, in it's entirety. Go ahead. Please, click play and enjoy. And when you're done with the top vid, here is the rest of the performance.

OK, now back to the post. As you just saw he is amazing. Specifically though, I love how Slash comes on, does his thing, then doesn't leave. Ha! You see how pissed MJ was? And then, Slash started riffing to "Billie Jean." Amazing.

Speaking of "Billie Jean," how sick was it when Michael restarted the song by flipping the fedora back on his head. Kind of how Chris Brown did it in his tribute to him here: (Pardon for the Rihanna part, it was the shortest clip I could find that showed what I wanted).

And then at the end of BJ, MJ just rips it with his freestyle robot dancing. 12 years from then he is still the best.

Funny thing that Brit is criticized by lip synching. Michael lip "sunch" through his whole performance, but he was just so good. And the group dancing to "Dangerous" at the end of his VMA performance? Also amazing.

Say what you want to say about MJ being a freak or what not, but no one out there can deny that he is a musical genius. He has single-handedly shaped the RnB and Pop fields for the next generation, molding the likes of Usher, Justin and the aforementioned Chris Brown. He is like Michael Jordan but more timeless. Every new RnB or Pop singer will always be compared to Michael first. His music and dance moves will live on forever. I just wish he makes one more comeback.


J said...

Watching that VMA performance is actually an increasingly emotional thing for me. He is truly the Greatest, no question. A comeback would be great.

P.S. Rihanna can stand under my umbrella (...ella ...ella) any day. In fact, I'll let her hold it and...

Eh eh eh eh eh eh.

Stone said...

Mike's the best. I think he's coming back for one more; I saw some random MTV show with him and in the studio together. That just sounds good.