Monday, October 1, 2007

Still Here

"It's been a long time, I shouldntve left you, without a dope blog to step to, step to, step, step, step to..."

Hello. I am still here. Realizing I am truly pulling a Red Umbrella.

-Life has been good but busy busy busy. School is going well. Really well. What a difference a year makes. My kids respect me, I get things done in class, I have fun, I joke around. If this is how it is after only one year, what will it be like after 2... after 3... after 10?

I ain't taking this that far. Maybe next year, and then? Who knows... this is such a volatile time in my life. Is that even the right word to use? Whatever. It sounds right.

-I met Dave Chappelle this past weekend. Like met and talked to, not just saw. I was in DC outside of Dean & Delicious when my friend Jon and I saw him, then went up to him and talked. I, naturally, said the whitest thing possible to him: "So, you going to throw another block party?"
Maybe he'll make fun of me in his next standup special.

-I fucking hate cops. I really do. FUCK THE POLICE!!! I saw one driving and talking on his cellphone the other week. I really wanted to pull my cell phone out in front of him. Then I saw one double parked outside a Verizon store in DC... he was there for PERSONAL REASONS! AAARGHHH... I hate how they get on power trips. They wee the bullied dorks in school and then they became cops to take it out on other people. FUCK, I am getting mad writing this.. I need to stop.

-How to you contract "should not have"? Is it shouldnt've. Or should'nt've. Or should'ntve. Damn.

-I love the Yankees. Maybe even more than in '98 when I spend all of math class writing out the 25 man roster for the playoffs. Because I knew it. This team is magical. I hope they don't fuck up in the first round. Something tells me they won't. Then they'll meet Boston. Get down three games, then come back and get revenge from '04. And then history.


Stone said...

My vote is shouldn't've. So there's that.

Also, is it really called pulling a Red Umbrella already? Damn. I'm back tho.

J said...

You "should not have" to contract.