Sunday, September 16, 2007


"Black on the card, iPhone charged/ Queens is in the buildin, paper is involved." - TS

Last Thursday my father got me the iPhone for my birthday as an early present. Thoughts:

1) It's amazing and beautiful. Sometimes I catch myself just staring.

2) It makes me feel good knowing that it cost 200 dollars less than what Andrew Patterson paid for it.

3) It basically renders my laptop useless since I just check my email and the internet on it.

4) It will change my life. I already am working on thinking differently about things. For instance, before, when I had an idea about something, I would think about and say to myself "Man, this is good, I need to remember this!" Naturally, I would then forget and get frustrated. Now, I need to immediately pull out my iPhone when I think of something good and put it down in my Notes. This will take time.

5) It doesn't have any games. It needs games.

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