Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Keeping It Real

I met Tracy Morgan once. So randomly. I was in high school. After school one day. I was standing in line with one of my friends at the McDonald's on Broadway, right near the 238th street 1 stop. Lo and behold, who's standing in front of me in line with rolled up sweatpants and a white T but Tracy Morgan! This was when he was still doing his thing on SNL, not that well known. I got an autograph. Asked him where he lives. He said the Century building. Told him I think he's great on SNL. He said thanks. And that was that.


getlowe said...

He's looking a little fat. I like him a lot, though. Still, the only way I'd see Death at a Funeral is if I was desperately bored and it was free.

José said...

I'm definitely watching Death at a Funeral. It's the new blaxploitation. I'm due for a soul(less) movie.