Tuesday, April 6, 2010

iPhone Apps I Love: Part I

Words With Friends (Free)

This app is the shit. Period. You can play
scrabble with other people who have the app. Up to like 10 games at once. Definitely my most used app. No point in getting the paid version as the ads don't take away from the gameplay. Get it and challenge me to a game (that you will lose!). My username name is: TheDAT.


This app lets you check movie times, add movie theatres as your favorites, watch trailers, find movie theatres, buy tickets online, etc. All the good stuff. Definitely a must-have app, especially if you are an avid movie-goer.

Sleep Cycle

This app is interesting. Basically, it is an alarm clock. But oh, it's so much more. It uses the iPhone's motion sensor technology to feel out how much you are moving in your sleep. It then can tell whether or not you are in deep sleep or not. The point is that it sets off the alarm when it senses that you are in your lightest sleep phase. That way, you feel the most refreshed when you wake up.

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getlowe said...

Flixter is good; I like it better than the Fandango app. Another good one is "AroundMe," which locates all of the stuff around you. So if you happen to find yourself in a neighborhood with which you're not super familiar, you can use the app to find the closest restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, ATMs, etc. I recommend!