Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week One? A Weak Loss.

Ugh. What a horrid way to start my fantasy football season. After a dismal finish last year (my first year of participation ever), I came into this season with high(er) expectations. By the accounts of many of my peers my draft went well. My starting O looked like this:

QB - Ryan
RB- Slaton
RB- Forte
WR- Houshmandezah
WR- Boldin
W/R- Driver
TE- Miller
K- Akers

Not bad, right?

Well it was bad... real bad today. The line on them looked like this:

(hasn't played yet, like it really matters)

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!??!?!?!?!
Slaton shat the bed. Forte fucked up. Boldin bitched out. Houshmendshahajjskjh.. whatever.

I am very dissapointed. Like EXTREMELY upset. So what better way to cope than to self-depricate. Let's do it!:

1) My fucking kicker had more points than the #4 (Forte) and #15 (Slaton) running backs in the league... COMBINED!!

2) My Mr. Irrelevent (Devery Henderson), who of course was on the bench, had more points than my 3 starting wide receivers... AND 2 starting running backs... COMBINED!!

3) I actually took some time debating whether to start Moss or Boldin because Boldin was questionable. Well thank god I started Boldin. +1 fantasy points for me!!

4) Even if I started my OPTIMAL lineup, I still would have lost by 20+ points!!

5) Tomorrow is a battle for last place. So far I am 2nd to last in terms of total points in the league.. but I have one guy going, while the other loser has 3 guys going, including TO. Looks like I'm going to be the one taking home the trophy.

I actually feel... just really fucking tired. Maybe if I go to sleep I'll gain 54 points and be tied with my opponent at 114.


José said...

Who taught you how to draft?

José said...
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DAT said...

haha, that questions would bode well for week 1 and 2, week 3 however, my friend, i kicked ass!