Monday, September 14, 2009


It's fucking cold out. I don't like when it is like this. Not one bit. This is right at the time when I start developing the sniffles. I HATE THE SNIFFLES!! I hate waking up and sneezing like 6 times. Even though I know that a sneeze is 1/6th of an orgasm (look it up), it doesn't mathematically add up to a morning nut.

Come to think of it, this summer's weather has sucked. June was the rainiest month in the history of mankind (look it up). They should have filmed a fucking rain disaster movie. It could've been called "Rain of Terror."

July wasn't much better. Lots of clouds. And then August was the same, and then the cold hit you in the nuts September 1st. Ugh. On top of all that, SAD is coming. Oh yes, Seasonal Affective Disorder i.e. the Greatest Acronym of All Time. What dickhead came up with that?? Probably the same one who put an "s" in lisp. He probably tried to call AIDS GAYDS back in the early 80s but that didn't pan out.

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