Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Superman that Phone

Funny story. So today I went to Six Flags with my 8th graders for their senior trip. Very fun, very long today. Here's a highlight.

If any of you have ever been on the Superman ride at Six Flags, you know they strap you in and then lift you up 90 degrees. My usual protocol is to push every in my pockets down and then push the protective harness (or whatever its called) down. So that's what I did, excitement building because I love roller coasters. We started our ascent, slowly going up and up. The first drop was great, but as we got out of it, I felt a shifting in my pocket. More shifting. More. All of a sudden, my iPhone was falling gracefully in front of my eyes from the coaster, down, down, sunlight glistening, looking exactly like the villains in that glass thing in Superman 2:

Really, all I could do was laugh. I just thought how ridiculous it was that I was one of those (dumb) people whose phone fell out when they were on a roller coaster. People getting of the ride muttering, "Did you see that phone falling?"... "Yea, that was mine."

Luckily, when we got off the ride, there was a nice Six Flags worker who looked around for the phone and found it (I gave him a twenty for the help. Thought that was only fair. I did hesitate because I don't really know if giving a tip is patronizing or acceptable in certain situations. Like would the guy get offended by my insulting the duties of his job or would he be appreciative. He was the latter). Amazingly, my phone, albeit a little scratched up on the back, still worked.

(In the back of my mind I was already justifying the potential loss by promising to buy myself the newest iPhone).

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Victoria said...

Hahaha, great title, great story. That's what you effing iPhone people get, okay. I've still never been to Six Flags, or on a roller coaster. I'm hoping this is the summer for me.