Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The 'Quil Diet

"Face full of fear, conquerin your ice grill,
Tragedies, put him to sleep like Nyquil..." - MD

It's almost like the right of passage into the cold season. As the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and, of course, Dmitry gets sicker. It always happens around the end of Octobor, beginning of November and it only adds to the darkness. Thankfully, there is a remedy; none other than...

The DayQuil/NyQuil Diet.

Someone wise once said: "A treated cold will last a week. Left untreated, it will last seven days." Maybe so. But what a wonderful treatment it is! It just covers up your symptoms, so your body can pretend like all is right. But it is not. Inside you are groggy, pissed off, and in a general malaise. Oh yea, and it doesn't help if you have to yell at middle school kids all day long.

Next time you feel it creep up on you, try the 'Quil Diet. You won't 'queel a thing!

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J said...

The 'Quil will kill.