Tuesday, September 7, 2010

iPhone Apps I Love: Part II

Angry Birds

I hated on this for awhile (obviously). But once I got it, oooohhh man, it was on. I have beaten every stage of every level with 3 stars. It is addicting. I heard now they are even coming out with a movie for it. I definitely WILL NOT be seeing that, but the app is definitely worth paying a buck for. Try it out.


Many of us in NYC are Chase card holders. If you are and you own an iPhone, you HAVE to get this free app. It has the usual checking of balance function and finding the nearest Chase ATM function, but the far-and-away best feature is the option to take photos of a check and automatically deposit it into your account. Sick!


Great free app. Basically, it tells you when your the subway is coming next. You can look at the NYC subway app, program in your favorite lines, and automatically see how much time you have until the train comes. Also great for seeing when you can transfer from train to train. You don't need to have service to see the times either

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