Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I started this blog Thursday, August 2, 2007. Thats 3 years, 1 month and 5 days. Or, more impressively, 1132 days of the DAT.

First of all, you gotta give me props for keeping a blog for 3.1 years. Others have came and went, while I have stayed (relatively) consistent.

Anyway, I digress. Obviously this blog was originally (and now in part still) called CONCRASTINATION. I named it that because I thought it was clever as though reading this blog would be the opposite of "procrastination."

That never made sense.

Well now, I think I have figured out what CONCRASTINATION really means. It is something I do so well. It is something I do everyday. It is something I am doing right now.

CONCRASTINATION is the act of doing something important well, efficiently and thoroughly WHILE procrastinating doing something of a higher priority and/or importance.

For instance, right now I should be outlining and writing my business school essays. Instead, I am keeping up with my blog. Bschool is a higher priority. My blog is of lower importance, but yet still worth doing.

Another example, in college, when you caught yourself cleaning your apartment when you needed to be reading that book.

Everybody does it. Now you know what to call it.

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