Friday, February 26, 2010

Let It Slush, Let It Slush, Let It Slush

I just got home from driving in this god awful slushstorm. It is HORRIBLE out there. EASILY the worst conditions I have ever been in while driving. My car got stuck 4-5 times, once going up a ramp of the highway (uh-oh), two times going up the hill from the 158th exit on the West Side Hwy and one or two more times elsewhere. I was constantly swaying while driving, and my damn defogulators (sic) weren't working very well. Oh and I had to go through a couple of red lights in order to keep up my car's momentum and not get stuck.

How can they not possibly cancel school tomorrow?? I started the night thinking there was no way it was going to happen because it is just wet snow, but after the aforementioned driving experience, I have changed my view.

The worst thing is that I am planning on driving down to DC tomorrow. So on the one hand, if school remains open, that means conditions aren't that bad. But if it is closed, then the roads must be fucked.

I really wish I was going to a place where we don't need... roads.


José said...

Haha. Okay, Doc.

José said...

You're DAT Brown.