Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Well... At Least He Kept Us Safe!"

What's bothering me recently is the amount of people coming on networks like MSNBC and CNN and arguing about Bush's legacy. The anchors usually spew out a bunch of awful numbers about how horrible Bush was, and the defendents always come out with the same line:

"Well, at least he kept us safe!"

And that seems to be the main mantra for all the Bush apologists. Yes he ran up the deficit, yes he fucked up Katrina, yes he mixed religion and politics, yes he crumbled the economy, yes he lied about Iraq... but, at least he kept us safe!

As Polow Da Don says... "Wait A Minute, Mothaf*cka!"

The thing is, he DID NOT keep us safe! Last time I checked, September 11, 2001 is listed in the history books as 9 months AFTER Bush took office. If a baby can be born in that amount of time, couldn't Bush and his cronies stop the worst terrorist attack on US soil EVER???

And yet, when that fact is mentioned to all these Bush dick-riders, they come back with, well, you know you can't just blame something that happened during a president's watch on the president! Huh? Um, what? Chris Matthews tries to argue this with Ari Fleisher in the link I provided above for MSNBC. It's retarded and ridiculous. Bush sucked. At everything. Period.

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