Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in March?!?

So if you haven't heard it's supposed to snow 6-10 tonight and tomorrow.


You know, I used to love snow. And the potential for snow days. That was until I started working for the NYC Dept. of Ed. First off, there is always an absolute ZERO percent chance that I will have a snow day. That's because school NEVER gets called off.

Here's the thing about that: this year I started working as my school's Attendance Coordinator. This means I am in charge of the Attendance Committee (composed of the principal, guidance counselor, family worker, parent coordinator and a teacher). We meet Mondays to look at our year-to-date attendance, as well as those kids who have "trouble" coming to school every day. Last year, our school's attendance for the whole year was 87.5%. That kind of blows. The goal every year is 90%. Even that kind of blows but is pretty good for a public school in the South Bronx.

So far this year our YTD attendance is 89.7%. Last year at this time it was 89.0%. So we have made progress. The thing is, on days that it snows profusely... NO ONE COMES. I mean, people come, but if on any average day we get an attendance rate anywhere from 85-95%, on days (probably) like tomorrow, we will get anywhere from 65-75%. 


Mainly, because it's hard to rebound from a shitty day like that. Also because kids that do come end up getting sick because of the cold and then missing more school days later. 

In situations like this, it is just better for the chancellor and/or mayor to just call school off. But that never happens in the public school world (that would make too much sense).

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getlowe said...

Seriously. I still haven't cleaned my car off because I refuse. It should get warm and then rain. And the warm rain should melt the snow off my car. Because it's March. And I refuse to be shoveling and cleaning off snow in March. Fucking preposterous.