Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 more? Try 5...

All of my private school teacher friends (not mentioned any names but on Backwards Day they would be Esoj and Sirhc) keep flaunting on their blogs that they have "3 more days." My extremely amazing deductive reasoning skills lead me to believe they are talking about their winter breaks, as in "3 more days" until winter break starts.

Well you know what, fuck THAT! I've got 5 more days! That is because in public school land, break doesn't start until next Wednesday. That's Christmas Eve Wednesday...

---digression alert---
When I was little and even now, I always thought "Christmas Eve" referred to the NIGHT before Christmas, not the whole day before Christmas. To me, the word "Eve" is short for "Evening" and thus should entail "night." I refuse to call the WHOLE day before Christmas a type of "Eve." I mean does anyone else feel the same way I do?? So OK, I wake up December 24th and think to myself, man, toDAY is Christmas Eve. Hell no! I wake up December 24th and then wait until dinner time and THEN I think to myself, man, toNIGHT is Christmas Eve! Don't you?
---digression terminated---

...a small detail I know, but exemplative of a much larger annoyance I experience when benchmarking my teaching experience with that of my peers. Private schools get so much more time off! And I am going to hate on that fact until I die. C'MON! You already sold out by deciding to work for privileged Jewish kids. Why should YOU get the privilege of getting more time off. Bullshit motherfucker! I disapprove wholeheartedly. Take your 3 days and shove it up your goyim asses!


Miz said...

What's wrong with Jewish kids, huh?

Andrew said...

D@, why so serious?

---Digression Alert---
I think eve is the entire day and I would even go so far as to say eve could mean a much longer time than just the evening before.

dictionary.com agrees:
eve [eev] –noun
1. (sometimes initial capital letter) the evening or the day before a holiday, church festival, or any date or event: Christmas Eve; the eve of an execution.
2. the period preceding or leading up to any event, crisis, etc.: on the eve of the American Revolution.
3. the evening.

José said...

Eve does mean evening. And day. And one of the first two humans according to God's Word.

Don't hate. You're on break now. Happy? Oh wait... One more day!

Did you at least get a snow day Friday? Because, for us, "three" more days actually turned out to be "two". You didn't know G-d was Jewish too, did jew?