Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I Want to McLovin This Club

Heard about the Make Love In This Club/Polow The Don/Garageband controversy? No? Well here's an update:

Excuse the drawn out BS of the video. That kid is retarded. Or "Ed" as my kids would say. As in "Special" not "Mr." Anyway, unless those sound effects were planted, its safe to say that Polow jacked some stuff. Honestly, it brings down my appreciation of the song just a tad. And I think it is a great and catchy song. But Garageband? C'mon! It just makes me want Garageband. And I don't like Macs. I hate on Macs. Why? Here's one reason.

But in reality, it was just a good idea by Polow. Like all good ideas, it was simple. I can't hate on that.

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Natalie said...

YES Shoutout to McLovin