Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Are You Happy Victoria?

So I just posted three blogs in a row. And honestly, it was due to a comment a friend of mine on the blog post before these.

I, as well as my fellow bloggers linked to the left, take some time off from blogging. We're all busy, but I think for me, I just fall into a habit of un-creativity. And truthfully, I don't like that. My job can be very mindless sometimes because the stress of it makes me very tired and unwilling to create very creative lesson plans and such.

I remember in high school and college, I would mess around with music and video editing that produced things like this and that. Now though, I don't have time to do that. So this is my creative outlet, and not my preferred one, although still very good.

I don't talk much about myself or my personal life on this site because I prefer opinions and commentary over biography, and plus because there is way more creativity possible in the former. I just need to make sure I am consistently creating. And that's were my blogger readers come in ... ;)


Vinson said...

that's what you get for judging me. it's kinda hard out here.

Victoria said...

I am happy. And I feel a little special, too. Glad I got your juices flowing. Uhh...awkward.

Vinson said...

Well, if she was happy, she's not anymore. It's the 24th.

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