Friday, February 11, 2011

iPhone Apps I Love: Part III


This is an interesting app. First off, it is a complete time waster. Basically, you indicate what you're interested in - movies, science, history, etc. Then, you start "stumbling," which means the app takes you to completely random websites based on your indicates interests. Some of the sites are great, and you will never encounter them otherwise. You are able to "favorite" sites as well, and have "friends" whose favorite sites you could check out.


Pretty simple: free video calls over the 3G network. No WiFi required.

360 Panorama

Really awesome photography app where you are able to take panoramic photos of your surroundings. You are able to view the panoramic photo's in 3D if you have the app, but you can also save them to your images. Not free, but worth it.


José said...

360 Panorama is dope. Hipstamatic is my favorite photo app, and the Camera + app is great too.

StumbleUpon has been a great time-waster (and oddly "productive").

getlowe said...

So I can face-time on my 3G?? Hottttt.