Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Been A Long Time...

...I should not have left you, without a dope blog to step to.

I haven't posted in so long that this blog might as well be dead. Sorry about that. Here are some of my thoughts that have sprung up in the past month that I would have perhaps blogged about if I was more responsible with this here site:

- I do not like Julian Assange's face

- I blame my lack of blogging solely on The Twitter and The Facebook. I post shit on there when I think of it and not on here. But then it goes away as soon as more tweets or stati come through. But this shit right here is forever man

- I am (re)falling in love with the New York Knickerbockers

- I still do not get for the life of me why people keep the protective plastic on their electronics way after they have purchased them. No class.

- I have been going to the gym so much recently, more so than I did in the summer. The data nerd in me is trying to obtain a printout of all the times I have been at the Y since I joined in '07 so that I could make a graph of it on Excel.

- Speaking of Excel, the Paste Special function gives me a digital orgasm every time

- I cannot stand when the 2 or 3 express train pulls away on 96th or 72nd RIGHT when the 1 train is stopping. What the FUCK is up with that shit??

- Speaking of the trains, I witnessed or heard two fights on the platform/inside the train last night. I fear I may be involved in one soon.

- 5HE still works so wonderfully well and anyone who hates on it is missing out.

- From the Dmitry-hates-on-things-that-are-popular-when-they-first-come-out-but-not-several-years-later-when-the-love-has-died-down department, Arrested Development is the shit!

- 4Loko is overhyped

- That new song by Rihanna, "What's My Name," really makes me want to stick it in her. I mean, I have always thought were her to be alright, but her fivehead always got in the way. But there is something about that song...

- Speaking of music, GirlTalk's "All Day" is beautiful

- Can everyone lay the fuck off of Obama. Shit! His job is hard! He's trying his best! All of the fucking liberals who are all "I am not voting for him in 2012 if he doesn't do ________ or if he goes through and does ________." Man, STFU!! You know you are going to vote for him no matter what!

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