Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Um, I still have a blog? Oh yea, I do! What's up? What's poppin? Champagne bottles were 11 nights ago! Here is my annual New Years blog post:

First off, let's take a look at my predications from last year!:

-The economy will continue to flounder and tank until about June when by all accounts, it will start performing better than expected. But a crisis of some sort will throw it right back into the shitter by the end of the summer.

I guess the economy got better, but a catastrophe? Didn't happen.

-Georgetown will make it to the Final Four. There they will face UNC and blow them out by 20. They will go on to WIN the NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship.

Mega-false. Gtown didn't even make it into the NCAA tourney. They fell from the top 10 to unranked in less than 2 weeks. *Cue Price is Right loss music*

-The Yankees will open their season up in their new stadium and blow everyone out of the water. CC will finish 18-4 with a 2.58 ERA, Burnett will go 15-9 with a 3.98 ERA, M-Tex will bat .338 with 48 homers, the Yankees will finish with a 102-60 record, the AL East crown AND a World Series Championship!

CC: 19-8, 3.37 ERA (eehh, kind of close?)
Burnett: 13-9, 4.04 (pretty good!)
Teix: .292, 39 HRs (womp)
Yanks: 103-59 & AL East champs & WS Champs (oh my god, call me NostraDATmus!)

-Obama will be able to get much done in office, mostly by way of his post-partisan approach. Four key pieces will be passed with bi-partisan support in '09.

What does that word up there mean, "bipartisan"?

-Eminem and Dr. Dre will release their long awaited albums.

Eminem, yes. Dr. Dre, no.

-The Superbowl will be played between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, which the Iggles will win 34-21!

Well, halfway right. It was played between Pittsburgh and the Cardinals and Pitt won 27-23.


Ok, and now the moment you have all been waiting for. The Predictions for 2010!

The unemployment rate will hover around 10 for a couple of months then will slowly begin to creep down. It will end the year at 8.6%

The Democrats will lose their Super 60 majority in the Senate, but will retain control of both chambers.

The Superbowl will be played between the Ravens and the Saints and the Saints will win 35 - 21!

The Knicks will finally make the playoffs!... but will get swept in the first round.

LeBron will sign to the Knicks!!!

The NY Yankees will once again be on top. A-Rod will come through big this year - .310 with 40HRs and 120 RBIs. CC will be huge again reaching 20 wins (finally) and posting a 3.05 ERA. AJ finally breaks 16 wins. Unfortunately, Yanks finish 2nd in the AL, BUT... will win the WS for their 2nd in a row!

Avatar will still be in theatres in December (and will break Titanic's record).

The iPhone 4G will be released.

Foursquare will fail.

We will catch Osama Bin Laden.


José said...

I'm actually looking forward to seeing which of this you come close to. By the way, I get the Asian language character responses on my blog too. What is that? Who?

getlowe said...

It's me. I'm practicing my Chinese (?)

1. LeBron would be an idiot to sign with the Knicks.

2. The Knicks are never making the playoffs.

3. I'm losing interest in Foursquare. Fast.

4. Osama bin Laden is an actor slash puppet created by George Bush Jr. You can't catch that.

José said...

Is this really your most recent post? Shit. Step it up.

getlowe said...

Yea, dude. It's time for a new post.

DAT said...

i'm bizzack, bizzitches!