Friday, July 31, 2009

I Can't Wait For This

I love(d) Seinfeld so when the news came out this past May that all four of the stars would be on the upcoming season of Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm," I was excited. Based on the news from yesterday, I am now officially VERY excited.

Apparently, according to Larry David himself, Seinfeld, Richards, Dreyfus, and Alexander, will appear in 5 episodes in the critically acclaimed HBO sitcom. David had this to say:

"The context is for years I've been asked about a 'Seinfeld' reunion -- as has Jerry and the other cast members, I would say, 'No, there's no reunion, we would never do that, it's a lame idea' ... but it might be really funny to do that on 'Curb' ... and I kept thinking of how we could pull this off, and Jerry was game ... so we're doing a 'Seinfeld' reunion show. ... We'll see the read-through, parts of rehearsals, the show being filmed ... you won't see the entire [mock 'Seinfeld' episode] ... you'll get an idea of what happened 11 years later [for the characters].".. "It was like getting on a bicycle," David said of writing "Seinfeld" dialog again. "Coming up with the right ideas about what they'd be doing 11 years later ... that took some thought."

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